Prelude Lingerie Amour Triangle Bra

This Prelude bra ties with satin ribbons around the neck and back, and features beautiful butterfly appliques on each sexy sheer cup.
>> Prelude Lingerie Amour Triangle Bra [Misa]


  1. That's stunning!!!
    Definitely on my Christmas wish-list now. :)))

  2. It's on sale but it's also sold out :(.

  3. hi, where ican get this? beautiful!

  4. Hi Li Na,

    I have been looking for this too since I got another e-mail asking about this bra. From my little search, the Prelude line is made by Jolidon. It doesn't seem that they still have this at their site either. There is something similar from the same line:

    I also found another halter soft cup bra, not quite like the one posted here, but if you'd like to take a look:

  5. As long ago and far away as this is I have to wear my heavy silicone falsies and a brassiere every day and I am not a drag queen! I have a mustache and panties under my work clothes





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