Marc by Marc Jacobs House of Cards Safety Link Necklace

Black chain necklace featuring safety pin details.
>> Marc by Marc Jacobs House of Cards Safety Link Necklace [Shopbop]


  1. Hi Rin..this piece would be soo easy to re-design and make for's such a clean design that I'm surprised that I haven't come up with can be made in little min brass ones..lovely, might give that I go during this holiday, not that I'm setting much time aside from the's addictive in a way:-)Thanks for stopping by Hot Cake, love to see you back..Merry Christmas! Hugs Alice

  2. Alice, I'm pretty sure this is something you can do. Me, I'm not that crafty.
    I read your journey to start your own clothing line, it's so inspiring. It's not something I'd like to do myself but your determination and courage are something I wish I had ... more :D.
    OK don't get too attached to the computer now :). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!





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